My Beauty Wish List….

Hey everyone, I hope you are all well and Living Life Beautifully!

I thought I would do something a bit different with this post. Those of you who are regular viewers of my blog will know that I am a beauty on a budget kind of blogger. But hey, I do still wish for those more premium brands, those brands that are out of reach at the moment. So, I thought I would show you the products that are on my beauty wish list. Actually not just beauty though, there is fragrance, skin care, make up, some fashion items and electrical too! I’m not doing them in any particular order, its completely random. So here goes.


Oh yes please! I would love to have a Jo Malone cologne standing on my dressing table and her bath products in the bathroom. Each fragrance name just makes me think that it would smell divine. English Pear and Freesia sounds incredible, I think that if I could afford a Jo Malone Cologne I would go for this one. But there are quite a few to choose from. White Jasmine and Mint, Amber and Lavender, and French Lime Blossom the list goes on. Jo Malone is also known for her home fragrance too. Room spray, linen spray and of course candles.  A 30ml bottle of cologne is £39.00 and a 100ml is £78.00. Yes this will have to be on my wish list for now.

CHANEL NO5 no5 edp 100 ml

Yes I know I already have a fragrance on my wish list, but I have always loved the iconic Chanel no5. It’s mainly because it was my late Mothers’ favourite perfume, it always reminds me of her. I do have one of her empty purse spray bottles in my dressing table drawer, and every so often I take it out and have a quick smell. I love the look of  the Chanel no5 bottle with the beautiful amber coloured fragranced liquid within it. It is the Parfum that is on my wish list, and if I was to have a bottle of my own I would have to keep it in a drawer away from the light. A 7.5ml bottle of  Chanel no5 Parfum is £87.50 from The Perfume Shop here in the UK. I think this will be on my wish list for quite a long time.



One day I hope to try this.  I have seen many tutorials on You Tube where this has been used, and it looks amazing. It is light reflecting and moisturising, the packaging looks beautiful just as Chanel should be.  You get 30ml for £31.00 at Boots here in the UK. I think I shall be sticking to my faithful Undress Your Skin from MUA for a wee while.



The thought of never having to shave ever again would be just a dream. It would stop the horrid in-growing hairs I sometimes get. Now at the age of 53 I am getting sodding hair where I shouldn’t be getting them! On my ears, chin and even half way down my neck for pity’s sake! I don’t shave my face, I pluck the little blighter’s out, if I had a NO!NO! I wouldn’t have to bother anymore. but once again this is out of my reach for the time being. So I shall keep on plucking! I have seen a NO!NO! at the high street catalogue shop Argos for £134.99.



When I first saw this product and what it is meant to do for the skin, I just fell in love with it. But I couldn’t  justify the price tag of £34.00 for 100ml of product. When I researched it though, I found out that it more than just a cleanser for the face. You can also leave it on the face for about 10 minutes as a face mask, use it as a lip balm, massage into dry areas i.e elbows, knees and heels of feet so it is a multi-tasker eh. I did find this cleansing balm on the Feel Unique website on sale for £28.90 and free delivery.



Now what woman would not want a pair of these super beautiful shoes gracing her “plates of meat” (feet) with their iconic red soles. I mean the soles of the shoes are iconic red, not the soles of the feet!  I tried to win a pair in a competition but I was unlucky.  I would go for a pair of black patent mid heel shoes, I wouldn’t be able to walk in the huge platform ones unfortunately. I found “my” shoes on the Louboutin website priced at £395. While most things on my wishlist are in theory achievable,  I fear that these beauties will remain a dream.

Well, that is my wish list.  I could have gone on with quite a few more too. I would love to hear if  anyone has any of the things on my list. Let me know what they are like, especially the Louboutin shoes!  You can leave me your comments here, or over on my facebook page.

Take care till next time…..


3 comments on “My Beauty Wish List….

  1. I really want to try the No No too – keep seeing the ad on telly! I keep getting the chin hairs and I’m only 31!! Would love to try that foundation too 🙂 Vicky x

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