MUA Make up Academy and FashionistA Haul Products Reviews….

Hey there friends and fellow beauty lovers. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

Well, as promised here are the reviews of the products from my MUA/FashionistA haul I featured in my last post. Let me start with the easiest first the gorgeous………….

 Nail Polish from their £1.00 range 


Firstly, MUA have changed the packaging of their nail polish. Other people have said that it resembles the Essie brand, for which I can’t comment as I have never seen Essie in real life. Looking at pictures though, yes my MUA nail polish does look similar to the Essie brand. The old style nail polish was in square bottle with a square lid, the new one is still in the square bottle shape but it has the MUA branding embossed on two sides. They have also added some new colours to the range, and I believe they have changed the formula too. The new nail polish goes on so much nicer and dries with more of a shine. I can get a good 4 days wear from my manicure with two coats of  polish without any fading or chipping. The colours I bought are Bold Blue, Amaretto Crush, Strawberry Crush, Lush Lilac, Bright Coral. I don’t have a favourite, I love them all. I was a bit scared of the Bold Blue when I first saw it, I thought I would be like mutton dressed as lamb when I wore it, I thought it would make my 53-year-old hands look older and make my blue veins stand out, but surprisingly the colour actually made my hands look rather elegant and classy. Amaretto Crush is a browny pink shade, I would class it as a natural colour, it’s a go to every day work colour I think. Now Strawberry Crush is a gorgeous bright pink, more the colour of a strawberry milkshake rather than crushed strawberries. But it is a beautiful colour, almost Barbie pink!  Lush Lilac is a very pale lilac shade, a colour I think that you could easily add a white tip too. I will give it a go and take a few pics then let you see in a future post. Lastly Bright Coral, the most anti aging of nail colour for ladies in their middle years. It is a stunning coral colour, and after two coats this is the one that comes out glossiest of them all. Super gorgeous nail polishes for just £1.00 each!

Lovehearts  Lip Balm


This was in the half price sale, and for quite a big 10g pot of lip balm I would have paid the full price of £2.00!  The shade/flavour in Sweet Kiss. It is a sheer pink balm with a sweet taste, the fragrance is sweet vanilla to me. It puts a slight sheen on the lips when worn alone, and  is very moisturising and keeps them so. It also makes my lips ready for lipstick, and also helps with the application of lip liner beforehand. I paid just £1.00 for my Lovehearts Lip balm.

Fashionista Double Take Lipstick 



This was also in the MUA/Fashionista half price sale. I love it! The shade I bought is Natural Pink. Firstly the packaging is just gorgeous, very classy red and shiny, it looks like it could be more money than what I paid for it. The product itself is yummy and smells of vanilla. It is a matte lipstick, which I have said in previous posts I steer away from because they are so drying on my lips. But this lippy is not at all drying even when worn without the lip balm underneath, it’s very moisturising actually. I paid £1.50 for this super duper lipstick, the normal price is £7.00. I would have paid full price for it too, and i now wish I had got myself another couple of colours.

Fashionista The Double Collection Mascara


 I am really fussy about mascara. I need something to give me my eyelashes back! I have a few mascara’s in my make up collection, volumising  ones, lengthening ones, curling ones, ones that claim to do all of the above. At the moment I am still getting used to this mascara, and so far I am loving it. It is double ended. A white end, the “Ultra Lengthening Basecoat” and the coloured end, “Intense Colour Coverage and Volume” I got mine in Black. You all have probably seen these type of mascara before, you apply the white base coat, wait a few seconds then apply the colour aftrewards. That is exactly what this is too. I used another brand a zillion years ago, and all I can remember is the way my eyelashes felt, they were brittle. This mascara however does not make my eyelashes feel brittle at all. Because my eyelashes are no longer thick long and curled anymore, I always use an eyelash curler, I have too. But I always add a coat of mascara first then curl them, then build up my mascara till I get my lashes looking as I want them. I didn’t do that with this mascara, I didn’t think I would have too. Yes this product made my lashes look really lovely and thick, but they are still very straight, so I think next time I shall apply the white base coat, then curl my lashes, then apply the colour afterwards.  All in all this is a super mascara, and I would recommend it if like me your eyelashes are a bit sparse. I bought this product for £1.50, the normal price is £8.00 and it comes in 3 colours Black, Black-Brown and Ultra Black.

MUA Undress Your Skin Illuminating Foundation




Love love love this foundation!  I bought this when it was in the MUA half price sale for the amazing price of £2.50! But I will definitely re-purchase this at its full price! I am a super huge fan of the MUA BB Cream, but now I am a super huge fan of this foundation.  I applied it over a primer as usual, using my new MUA Stippling Brush. The coverage for me is just what I need for my skin. It is a light but buildable, it gave my skin a lovely glow and I didn’t feel as though I was wearing foundation. I have dry skin, and it didn’t flake over the dry patches, it is just fabulous for me. I still had to use my concealer under my eyes, but that is not a problem. I don’t get spots very often so I wont know how well it will cover those until I get one! Even with the glorious weather we have been having here in the UK, my foundation lasted all day. I think I shall have to try this alone just over moisturiser when I am only about the home during the day, see if it lasts as well without primer. I think it will. The full price now for this gorgeous foundation is £5.00 and it is available in 3 shades, Porcelain, Golden and Beige. I purchased it in Beige.  Full marks MUA!

Fashionista Ready-To-Wear Shine Stopper


In other words, loose translucent powder. It is a super loose powder too! I have used a few translucent loose powders in the past, and this is one of the best. It is perfect to powder off that shine during the day or for setting your foundation and concealer.  It’s a little 6g pot with a cute little velour puff inside. It has a flip-up hinged lid, with a mirror, the powder itself has a shaker top over it which can be removed should you need too. The powder feels like silk on the skin, absolutely gorgeous. I used this powder on top of the Undress your Skin foundation, and it didn’t add any colour, it just “set” the foundation for me. This powder is good for the skin too, as it contains minerals to let the skin breathe so it won’t block the pores. I paid just £2.00 for this and the regular price is £7.00! The only negative I have is that the pot is not big enough!

Fashionista Vanishing cream

Capture (2)

 WOW! I have found my new hero product. This is an amazing primer for me. I have lines, I have open pores and this super product helps to reduce both for me. It’s a pink coloured gel like consistency and when I first put nose to open pot I thought it smelt like marzipan! It is a delicious smell. As I was applying this to my face the first time I was noticing how little I need to use for this cream to do it’s job. It was gorgeous to apply it made my skin feel like I had a layer of silk on it! It does diffuse fine lines and open pores, which for me is amazing. I used to use a similar product a few years ago which cost over £20.00, and on application it used to “roll” off. I thought that I would have the same problem with this, but this product goes on like a dream and leaves my skin ready for foundation application.  I like the packaging for this as well. It’s a clear plastic pot with a black top which holds 9.8ml of product. This was in the MUA sale for £3.00 and the regular price is £10.00. Yes I have a negative again, it’s just not big enough!

Well folks, that’s my little haul reviewed. I hope you enjoyed it and found some things that might interest you.  I have been thinking about what to do in future posts, I have a couple in mind. I do enjoy researching stuff, and I was thinking about “Beauty Through The Ages” type of thing.  Also “How To Impress At a Job Interveiw”  Anyway let me know what you think, I would love to know your thoughts, either leave your comments here or come and “like” my facebook page.

Take care, and Thank You for your continued support.  Bye for now…….


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