MUA Make Up Academy and FashionistA Haul!

Hello again friends and fellow beauty lovers! I hope you are all well.

I had my birthday in April, and I finally got around to spending some of the money I had given to me as a present. I decided to take advantage of the  sale that MUA Make up Academy had going. As you probably know  FashionistA is now part of the MUA brand too, so their products were also part of the sale price deal too. It wasn’t sale price across the whole of the MUA/FashionistA range, just selected products. The sale has been amazing, some items were half price and some better than half price! I am so happy with the products I bought, and I have saved even more money than I would normally at MUA.

Here is my shopping list!

FASHIONISTA DOUBLE COLLECTION MASCARA in Black  £1.50 regular price £8.00






FASHIONISTA LOOSE POWDER £2.00 regular price £7.00




FASHIONISTA DOUBLE TAKE LIPSTICK in Natural Pink £1.50 regular price £7.00




LOVE HEARTS LIP BALM in Sweet Kiss £1.00 regular price £2.00


The following products are not actually in the sale, but are a brilliant price none the less.



5 X MUA NAIL POLISH £1.00 each. Strawberry Crush, Lush Lilac, Amaretto crush, Bold Blue, Bright Coral.


All this came to £19.50 + £2.95 postage. But total value before  the sale would have been £39.00! Some blooming good savings there don’t you agree? That is one of the reasons why I think MUA are such a fab cosmetics range, every so often they do give us some great deals/offers. I actually don’t mind having to pay the £2.95 postage, when everything is so well packed. Each item is wrapped in “Bubble Wrap” I do enjoy some good old “Bubble Wrap” I love popping it once I have un wrapped everythingSmile its the child still in me I guess. Anyway I digress. The bottom of the box was padded with Bubble Wrap then the wrapped products were on top of that, then more Bubble Wrap on top of the products. Can I put Bubble Wrap in the re-cycling rubbish? Fingers crossed There was rather a lot of the stuff.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed a little peek at my MUA haul. I shall of course be doing proper reviews of everything in a later post.

What do you think of the new look to my blog? I would love to hear your thoughts. My other half had to help me and I think he has done a great job! You could pop over to my Facebook page or leave me a comment here.

Take care  and Bye for now……


6 comments on “MUA Make Up Academy and FashionistA Haul!

    • Oh thank you so much! My other half worked so hard today till he was happy with it. I love it too. xx

  1. All looks very pretty! I am still trying to work out how to get the categories at the top! Love MUA, that site is too additive – I always want lots and lots! Vicky x

    • Go to Dashboard – Appearance – Menus
      Click on “Categories” drop down box
      Click on “Most Used” tab
      Click on “Select All” then “Add to Menu.

      The categories are now added to the menu and you can drag and drop the menu heading into what ever order you like.

      Hope this helps

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