I Love Palettes! Reviews of my MUA Make Up Academy Palettes….

Hello there friends and fellows beauty lovers! I’m sorry that I have been a bit lapse in posting just recently, but I have been wanting to write a review on my favourite MUA Make up Academy Palettes, and most of them have been out of stock, so I felt I couldn’t present a review on them. Anyway, they are now back in stock (Hooray!) and I can go ahead and tell you my thoughts on these fab products. Those of you that follow my blog will know that I am all about budget beauty, and for me having make up palettes in my make up collection is a must. It means I can have a variety of colours to choose from without having to spend a lot of money on different single colours of  eye shadow. It also means I am saving space on my dressing table. I do not have one single eye shadow in my collection, all my eye colours come in trio palette form or 12 palette form. One of my favourites does have 6 eye shadows 2 blushes a bronzer and a highlighter. Ideal to take away on holiday. This is of course by my brand of choice MUA Make up Academy. Incidently, MUA have recently added a wonderful new range of cosmetics to their website FashionistA by MUA looks beautiful, and I have yet to try these new products. With this range you can customise your own palette. You do have to pay a bit more money for them as you buy the empty palette and then add the products you want to go in them. But I do love the idea of these very much and I hope to be able to buy 1or 2 in the future. Watch this space! If any of you have any FashionistA products, please do leave me your thoughts on them, I would love to hear what you think. Right let’s get down to business, here come s the reviews…….

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Undressed Swatch

UNDRESSED by MUA. Love love love this palette! Apparently it is a dupe for Urban Decay NAKED palette. I can’t comment on this as I have never seen the premium brand one at all. Maybe one day I may win one in a competition or something, who knows. But my gorgeous UNDRESSED palette is serving me very well!  As with most of the MUA palettes, the packaging is very neat. Black plastic with clear lid, with the MUA logo written on the lid in silver. If you look at the underneath of the palette you will find that they have given you a little “tutorial” on how to use the eye shadows. Great idea! The palette contains 12 eye shadows, with three of them being matte in texture. The matte shades are numbers 1,3 and 5. The rest of them are shimmer, pearly or metallic when applied. All of the eye shadows are so creamy and very pigmented, but not too much that you get “fallout” when you apply them. They all build up their colour on application. This palette is all “Natural” shades, and would really take you from a day time work look, through to your smokey eye evening look. It’s 9g weight and 12 beautiful colours will set you back a mere £4.00.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Pretty Pastels Swatch

PRETTY PASTELS by MUA. This is just so pretty for the Summer when you don’t feel like wearing a lot of make up.  The same as the previous palette it contains 12 really pretty shades. This time it looks to me as though they are all shimmery and pearly shades apart from the first colour in the palette. I haven’t tried all the colours in this one yet, but the ones I have I thought them to be really creamy in texture, I thought that they might have been a bit on the “chalky” side but they were far from that. I have found that you do need to build up the colour somewhat if you prefer more noticeable look. I think that this would be an ideal palette for the young lady just starting to get into make up too, it would cost only £4.00. unfortunately you don’t get the “tutorial” on the base of this one, or indeed on the next palette I am going to tell you about.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Heaven and Earth Swatch

HEAVEN AND EARTH by MUAAnother “naturals” palette. This time it is all browns, copper,cream and beige shades. They are all pearly shimmery eye shadows, no matte shades at all. I haven’t used this one as much as the Undressed palette, but I like it all the same. MUA just get it so right with their eye shadows. I love how they are all so creamy and very blendable and you can build up the colour to how you like. All of the palettes I have mentioned do have their own double ended sponge applicator. I personally don’t use them, I like to use my brushes. I think this palette will be fab for your Autumn/Fall eye looks. Once again its only £4.00

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Artiste Collection Swatch

ARTISTE COLLECTION by MUA. One of my favourites! This palette is a bit bigger than the other palettes I have mentioned. This is 17g in weight and contains 6 merged eye shadows. 2 blushers a bronzer and a highlighter. On the base of this palette you do get a “mini masterclass” on how to use it. The eye shadows and the blushers have been given names, as have the bronzer and highlighter. My favourite colours in this palette are the 2 bronze brown shades. The first two in the palette could be used as a base colour. The middle two look darker in the palette than they are on the eyes. Which actually doesn’t bother me, because I was quite worried when I first got the palette. I thought OMG they are going to be really dark for me! The blue and the purple go on much lighter than I thought they would, and I suppose you can build up the colour as you want. The two blushers in here are lovely, one is a pretty pink shade and the other is a peach shade. The bronzer in the palette I believe to be a matte shade, which I like, and finally the highlighter is a lovely creamy shade, and very blendable. This palette is ideal for travelling. You would only need to add your BB cream (so you don’t need to take primer and concealer) your face powder a mascara and lipstick/lip gloss. Once again a lovely make up palette, and only £6.00!

Well, that’s about it for now friends. I recently had an Avon order delivered. I’ve got a couple of skin care products, a few hair products and some gorgeous shower gels too! I can’t wait to show you my haul.

🙂 So until then take care and remember to Live Life Beautifully!


5 comments on “I Love Palettes! Reviews of my MUA Make Up Academy Palettes….

  1. Here are the MUA palettes you were talking about. I hate having singles rattling around in my makeup drawers, but I don’t mind duos or quads. The singles just annoy me though. I’ll have to look out for MUA while I am in the UK!

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