Anti-Ageing tips: How to look younger…

Hello there fellow beauty lovers. I hope you are all well and Living Life Beautifully!

I thought I would just do a quick post today as I am in the middle of writing reviews of my favourite make up palettes, and as I like to use the product as I am writing (I use pen and paper first!) it is taking me a little longer than I thought it would. But watch this space a review is coming! In the meantime I have a few anti-ageing tips to share with you.



Okay, well this is one that I have been doing since I turned 40 ( 13 years ago. Yikes!) I went to the hairdresser and had a fringe (Bangs to all you beauties across the pond from England). Many hairdressers will say that a fringe can make us look younger in an instant. Don’t go for a heavy fringe, leave that to the youngsters. No go for a wispy feathery fringe, it will hide any lines on the forehead. This hairstyle with a wispy fringe looks fantastic on the beautiful Ruth Langsford, British TV presenter.



Hair Colour


While you are at your hairdresser, you could also consider having your hair lightened by about 2-3 shades. As we get older our faces loses colour. Hair that is too dark can emphasize under eye shadows, wrinkles and sagging skin. You could opt for highlights, lowlights or as I have done full head colour. My fiance colours my hair at home for me, using Clairol Nice n Easy permanent hair colour. I shall do a review on this product when I next get my hair coloured. So look out for that.




nevesta_riasy_kliesteCurl your eyelashes! If your eyelashes are starting to look sparse and as straight as a poker (mine are!) then give them a curl with eyelash curlers. After curling and applying mascara, your eyes will look more alive and awake, it really does make a difference for me. Here is how I do it. I put a swipe of mascara on my top lashes, and before it dries I curl them with eyelash curler, starting at the root hold for about 10 seconds, then move the curler near to end of lashes. Hold for 10 seconds. I then apply 2 coats of mascara in the usual way. Presto! My lashes look thicker and curled, and my eyes look awake. Yes, I shall be reviewing my mascaras  at a later date. So keep an eye out for that. (Excuse the pun).

Sun Protection

SPF15SunBlockAlways use a minimum SPF15 sunscreen all year round. The experts say that 80% of skin aging is caused my UV exposure. Some foundations and BB creams do contain SPF, but this is not enough to protect our faces all day. We should use a once a day sunscreen under our foundation, even if it does already contain it.



Sun Glasses

9949746-stylish-woman-in-sunglasses-portraitWear sunglasses when out in the sun so you don’t have to “scrunch” up your eyes in the glare, which can cause wrinkles. They will also protect our eyes from the radiation given off by the sun, that can cause an inflammation of the cornea.



Facial Scrub

Use a facial scrub to exfoliate at least twice a week.. This will encourage new cells in the skin to form quicker. Try one of the homemade methods from my previous blog post.


But one of the best anti-ageing tips anyone can do is to drink plenty of water throughout the day. I have just started doing this. I took heed of the tips given by the wonderful beauty blogger The Fab Company. I have never been one to drink enough water during the day, it was always a cup of coffee. But water is more refreshing to drink, it saves electricity, because you don’t have to boil the kettle, it’s quick, and it keeps us hydrated. We should be drinking at least 2.5 litres a day.

I hope you find these tips useful, and if you have got any subjects you would like me to cover, please feel free to leave your comments on here or join me on facebook.


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    • Hi there! Sorry it has taken me a while to reply to your lovely comment. Thank you so much! I was looking for blogs about beauty for the mature lady, but they seem to be very few and far between, so as I was lucky enough to win a couple of super prizes from competitions, I decided I wanted to review the products and write about them. I also wanted to aim it at the budget side of beauty too. I am so happy that you enjoy my blog…..Thank you. Take care. xx

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