Beauty Things I’m Rubbish At !!!!!!

Hello fellow beauty lovers, and welcome!

This is just a quick one, it’s a “tag” that I have seen going around on various beauty You Tube videos. Things to do with make up and beauty that I am rubbish at. Hope you enjoy reading.

The first thing I am rubbish at, and I think it’s more lack of patience than anything. I just cannot blow dry my hair! My hair length is just below collar length and layered. I can’t seem to use hairdryer in one hand and brush in the other to dry it in separate sections, it takes me ages! It is far to time-consuming. I just use my dryer on medium and use my brush to lift as I dry. I don’t bother to section it at all. I use a volumising  mousse, and I usually just “scrunch” the back while drying. At the end, I use the cold shot to cool my hair down, then use Macadamia oil “combed” through with my fingers.

downloadThe next beauty thing I am rubbish at is nail art. I would really love to be able to do it! admittedly I don’t have the correct tools, but I have tried with some “make shift” ones. The one nail art technique I love is Ombre, I think it looks beautiful. It looks particularly beautiful when done with the neon colours. I’ve tried marbelling the water technique way, but that is way to messy, so I had a go by applying a base colour then adding “blobs” of various colours then swirling them together with a toothpick. It looked fine, and each nail looked different. But oh how I wish I could do the more “arty” effects on my nails.

imagesNow for false eye lashes. Oh my how I would love to be able to apply them!! I keep telling myself I am going to practice because I think thats all I really need to do. My fiance even bought me a 12x magnifying mirror so that I can see close up. I do everything I am meant to do. I measure for a correct fit I make sure I apply enough glue and I let it set for a few seconds before applying (or try to) But to no avail, I just cannot seem to (A) get them straight, and (B) get them close enough to my natural eyelashes. Grrr!

download (1)Lastly, and this is something that bugs me the most. I just cannot put on liquid eyeliner. I can do my eyeliner with pencils just fine, but the lovely liquid stuff? No way! I just cannot get a straight line. It’s not that my hands shake, because they don’t, and I have tried resting my pinky finger on my cheek. I would love to do a nice line with a flick. If wobbly eyeliner was in fashion I would be bang on trend!

If anyone has any tips to help me solve these little problems, please let me know.

In my next post, I shall be reviewing a couple of things from MUA Make up Academy. Take care.


2 comments on “Beauty Things I’m Rubbish At !!!!!!

    • Hi there, thank you so much for taking a look, and for commenting, I shall certainly be taking a look at the eyeliner tutorial you suggested. xx

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