My favourite make up and beauty Gurus.

Hello fellow beauty lovers, I hope you are well.

I thought with this post I would give my fiance a break from having to do my photography, he works hard at work all day and then comes home to find I need some pictures taking. He never complains about it either, he just gets right on and does it for me.

So, this time I thought I would share with you my favourite make up and beauty gurus that I love to watch on You Tube. I have chosen 3 of my favourites, all of them are from right here in the UK.  They are not in any sort of  order  preference, I am placing them completely at random. So let me get on with the first amazing person!

Lisa Eldridge.

This lady is fabulous, she gives fantastic explanations of which products she is using, and how best to use them. She is also one of the best for offering tips on how to make us more mature ladies look amazing. This video is one of my favourites.

Lisa’s model is beautiful in the before pictures but is absolutely stunning afterwards. She does do make up tutorials on herself too, using not just high end make up but also from drug stores too.  Lisa has just done a series of videos on Foundation. What type to use on what skin type, how to work out your shade of foundation. It has been a wonderful series to watch!

Wayne Goss.

  This remarkable make up artist is an absolute mind of information! Very witty with his presentation. He does some amazing looks, which he almost always performs on himself. His close up eye make up tutorials are among my favourites to watch. There is also a video on how to make pores appear minimized, he is very clever. But this video I am sharing with you on how to Highlight and Contour the face, really is just brilliant!


Two sisters Samantha and Nicola. They show make up tutorials from way out avant-garde looks to more natural every day looks any of us can do. They also run a make up school from their studio in their hometown of Norwich, England. Samantha has her own range of wonderful make up brushes called Real Techniques. Which unfortunately I haven’t tried. Some of their most popular videos are the “celebrity looks” ones. They have just done a series on the British girl group The Saturdays. Here is the look for band member Rochelle, done by Nicola.

Well, that is just three of my favourite beauty videos I have loved, I hope you will take a look and enjoy them as much as I have. So until next time when I will be reviewing a BB cream from MUA Make up Academy, take care and Live   Life   Beautifully!



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