My Spring Favourites….

Well!  Hello there fellow beauty lovers!

Here in the UK, my favourite season is Spring when the weather starts to make a turn for the better, or so it should do. But right now our Easter/Spring holiday is turning out to be a really cold and still very Wintery with snow in some parts of our country. I am usually starting to put away my thick sweaters and socks, but I think I will have to hang on to them a wee while longer (and right on cue, as I write this the sun decides to pay a call!)

So with Springtime in mind I thought I would tell you about MY SPRING FAVOURITES.

IMG_3678My Favourite Perfume? This is an easy one, it is my all time favourite for many years actually.It’s “Sunflowers” by Elizabeth Arden. It is perfect for me to wear through Spring and also into the Summer months too. It is light and floral and I think it has a slight spa like scent to it. Yes I know that Sunflowers don’t have a fragrance, but if they did I think they would smell like this. lol


IMG_3650My Favourite nail polish? I am loving “Frozen Yoghurt” by MUA Make up Academy. This is a very pretty lilac shade, and I think it looks very elegant. I am currently wearing it when my nails have a bit of length to them, but it looks just as nice on shorter nails too. The colour I think is quite anti-aging.



IMG_3660My Favourite shower gel/Bubble bath? This just has to be Citrus Mint shower gel from Organic Surge. It is so refreshing  on my skin. It obviously has Mint within it and the citrus comes from lemon and orange essential oils. I can actually feel this shower gel cooling the skin as I am washing, it is just so reviving.



IMG_3668My Favourite Body Lotion/Cream?  Tropical Bergamot body lotion from Organic Surge once again. Oh wow, this is so moisturising and sinks right into my skin. It doesn’t feel tacky or sticky and I can dress right after application. I adore the smell of this. Lemony citrus and floral are the fragrances that hit my nose. It leaves a light refreshing fragrance on the skin, and it doesn’t clash with my Sunflowers perfume.

I do have a matching hand cream which is amazing! I shall do a more in-depth review of hand creams I love in future blog posts.

Sorry that this is such a short post, I am in the process of reviewing an MUA Make up Academy product. Watch this space!

So until my next post I hope that you Live Life Beautifully…….

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2 comments on “My Spring Favourites….

    • Hello there! Yes, I love this shade sooo much, it just looks so classy and the colour, to me seems so anti aging. xx

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