MUA Lipstick, Lip gloss and Lip stain review.

Hello there fellow beauty lovers!

Today its all about the lip products I have from those wonderful people at MUA Make up Academy. I don’t  have many colours at the moment but what I do have I love!


Let me begin with the Lipstick I am loving. I have two colours  the first one is shade number 12. This is a pink-red shade, it is a lovely lipstick and I found that as it wore off during the day it had a touch of sparkle within it. On application I found it to be so creamy with a subtle sheen, not at all matte, which is particularly good for a middle aged lady. I do find that if I wear a matte lipstick, it makes my lips look thinner, so the sheen in this lipstick is just the job. It feels so light when I am wearing it too, it is perfect for me. This gorgeous 3.8g lipstick also has a little pot of lip gloss in the form off a screw off bottom!

My second MUA lipstick shade is number 7. This is more of a pink-brown colour. Once again I can’t find any fault with it at all. It is just so creamy and doesn’t drag my lips when I am applying it. I really am enjoying my MUA lipsticks very much. Are they the best lipstick that I have ever tried in in the 40 plus years I have been using make up? YES!!!  This gorgeous lipstick, with its added lip gloss in the base is AMAZING value at only £1.00!

IMG_3535Now on to my lip glosses. I have three. Two are coloured glosses and one is a nude gloss. Let me begin with the coloured ones.  Intense Kisses high intensity lip gloss 5.1ml.  I have shades Kiss and Tell, and Sweet Nothings. The first one being a red shade, the second is a pink shade. Both are superb lip glosses. They have a slight fragrance of bubblegum and sweet tasting, but they are not at all unpleasant.  They come in a clear plastic tube with a sponge tip applicator wand. The plastic tube actually feels more like glass than plastic. The black lid of the tube has a pair if glittery lips embossed on it. It is very pretty. The gloss itself is amazing. It is exactly like it says on the tube, High Intensity lip gloss. The colour pigment is very intense, it is very glossy but  not sticky, and it did not feel heavy on my lips. I must admit I never did a “doughnut” test with this lip gloss, but I did drink a large mug of coffee. So did it transfer to the mug? Yes, it did. But not so much that I had to re- apply right away, but for the price of just £2.00 it wouldn’t matter how often I had to apply it!

IMG_3423My last lip gloss is a nude  gloss that I can wear alone or over my lipstick for extra glossiness. It is the Sheer Finish lip gloss in shade Happy Days, a sheer peach coloured gloss. This time it comes in a clear plastic tube, with an angled opening so that you can apply straight from the tube. I personally apply using my finger. This too, has a slight bubblegum fragrance to it, and however much I applied to my lips it did not feel sticky or tacky.  A great little lip gloss that costs just £1.00.


Lastly, I have two lip stains. I had never used a lip stain before these, and I must say I do like them. I have shade Fabulicious a pale pink, and shade Fruitilicious a deeper pink. These  are actually called Kiss proof lipstains. They have a “felt pen” tipped applicator which on applying to my lips tickled slightly. With the darker Fruitilicious shade I found that once it was on my lips it looked slightly darker than the colour of the tube, but it did look nice and I will be using it. The lighter pink of the Fabulicious shade is my favourite of the two stains, it made my lips slightly darker than the natural colour of my lips. It felt “wet” on application but didn’t take long to dry. It gave a matte finish to my lips, but they did not feel dry. I do put the sheer lip gloss over the top to give a bit of a sheen. I like the smell of these too, they have a fruity fragrance to them. The Kiss proof lip stains do stay on the lips throughout the day. A nice lip stain for just £3.00.

Well, that is the review of my favourite lip products, I hope you enjoyed reading.

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6 comments on “MUA Lipstick, Lip gloss and Lip stain review.

  1. I’ve never tried any of these brands (I live in the US), but this was a nice post. I love when people talk about their favorite products and then actually EXPLAIN why they like the product. I can’t tell you how many people just say, “Yeah, I like this lipstick.” Ok…awesome, but why do you like it? lol.

    • Hi Sam. Thank you so much for your comment, it really does mean a lot to me. MUA have just celebrated their 3rd Birthday, it is a very popular budget brand here in the UK and Europe. They do ship internationally too. xx

    • Hi there. Thank you for taking a look and reading. I think MUA have about 4 or 5 different colours of their Lip stains. xx

  2. Thank you for this blog! I’m all about trying new lip colors, I have never heard of this company (being that I’m from the US) but I would love to try them out!

    • Hi there! MUA Make up Academy are about 3 years old now, I love their products. They do international shipping, and are always giving us special offers. At the moment it is 3 for 2 online! Thank you so much for your comment. Take care.

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