Organic Surge daily care facial wash 200mls/7floz.


Hello fellow beauty lovers, I hope you are living life beautifully!

Today I am going to be telling you about a fantastic facial wash that I use every morning and night. It is by Organic Surge a beautiful range of organic beauty products for face, body and hair. I won a large selection of products in a competition last November. I shall be reviewing the products as I go along in my blog posts.

The daily care facial wash is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive. It removes daily dirt and impurities and also make up from the face and around the eyes. I still always take my eye make up off with an eye make up remover first though. It has 100% natural lathering and the essential oils help to restore the skins balance. It is enriched with Rose geranium essential oil, it cleanses and moisturises  the skin, and brightens a dull tired complexion. The Aloe Vera within it calms  the skin too. It contains vitamin E which helps to reduce inflammation or irritation and has natural anti oxidant properties. Natural glycerin is in there too, which will attract moisture to the skin helping to keep it hydrated. The skin friendly cleansing agent in this facial wash is Sodium Coco Sulfate which is a product derived from coconut oil, a natural alternative to SLS (Sodium lauryl sulfate).


This is how I use my Daily care facial wash.

I use morning and night, two pumps of the clear gel like product into dampened palms and work to a lather. I massage over my face for about 1-2 minutes, inhaling the subtle fragrance of rose, which is beautiful and so natural smelling, it reminds me of  a pretty, delicate pink rose rather than the deep red heady variety. I then remove the facial wash with a wet face cloth. If I have worn make up I will do a second cleanse. Even after cleansing twice with the product my skin does not feel dry and tight like with many facial washes I have used in the past. I have been using my facial wash for about 4 months now and my skin looks so much better. It doesn’t look as grey and tired like before, and it is so soft!  I started using the facial wash as soon as I received it in December 2012, and it has a 12 months use by date on it once opened. A little goes a long way with this product, of the 200ml bottle that I have used twice a day for 3 months I am still only half way down the bottle. My final words on the Daily Care face wash?

Fantastic, cleansing, moisturising, a product I will re-purchase.

Take care fellow beauty lovers…..Live Life Beautifully…..


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