My Make up Collection

Hello fellow beauty lovers. I hope you are all well and Living Life Beautifully!

Today I thought I would write a bit about my make up collection.

I dont have a vast amount of make up like I have seen in other beauty blogs, or make up tutorials I have watched. I have a vanity case that holds all my make up. It’s a beautiful red vanity case by Clarins that my daughter and son in law bought me a couple of Christmases ago, and it is just the right size to hold all my make up.


I don’t have any “high end” make up, most of my collection comes from MUA Make up Academy, and I have a few products from Collection 2000, Jerome Alexander, which was purchased from Ideal World home shopping channel, but you can now buy it from Wilkinsons or online at JML. I also have a couple of products from make up artist Ariane Poole. The Ariane Poole website offers a rewards scheme, I think I have about £17 in credit from my purchases, so I think may have to take another look at this website again!

But my favourite make up is by far the products I have from MUA. I love it for the price (So does my fiance) I mean to say £1.00 for a lipstick, single eye shadow or a nail varnish, with eye shadow palettes that start at £4.00, who wouldn’t love it! The eye shadows are amazingly pigmented and blend perfectly. I never used to be a big lipstick wearer, as I hate  lip products that are sticky but MUA lip products are so light. The lipsticks glide on like a dream, as do the lip glosses, neither leave my lips feeling sticky or claggy.

Of course I shall be doing a proper review on MUA Make up Academy as I go along in my blog .


To go with any make up,  one needs applicators. For Mothers Day my fiance bought me a beautiful set of brushes by Fraulien. I haven’t used them yet, they all look so beautiful and fresh and clean. I don’t want to get them dirty with make up! But of course I shall be using them and letting you know how I get on with them in a review  later. It is a gorgeous set of 24 make up brushes, which he purchased from Ebay for me. I am over the moon with them.

That’s it for today, back with more in-depth reviews soon….


6 comments on “My Make up Collection

    • Hi Kristin.
      Thank you so much for your comment and for following my blog it means a lot to me. I do have a Facebook page of the same name if you would care to join me there. Of course I will repay your compliment and follow your blog too. Take care. Teresa xx

  1. I love your make-up bag! It’s full of treasures. Do you have Pound stores store near you? I mean the chains. You might be lucky They sell last season stock / overstock and you can find Revlon, Rimmel, Sinful Colors, W7, Sally Hansen, Bourjois, Almay, etc. for £1! They also do bags with 2 (!) Miss Sporty or C2000 products for £1. I buy lots of stuff there. Are you based in London by any chance? We could go bargain shopping together if you don’t mind setting foot in a discount store. 🙂

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