How I remove my eye make up.

Hello fellow beauty addicts, welcome to a new month. It’s nearly Spring hooray!!  Warmer weather is upon us. So are we going to Spring clean our home, or shall we just talk beauty and make up?

Mind you, I am going to talk about cleaning in a way, but I’m talking eyes, and how I remove my eye make up. It is a subject that I am quite passionate about. I have seen women using their children’s baby wipes to scrub off eye make up. I am sorry if I offend those women who do use them,  I am just thinking about avoiding wrinkles at an early age. Rubbing and pulling at the delicate skin around our eyes should be avoided, in my opinion. These baby wipes just do not contain the right ingredients to do the job properly without rubbing.

Here is what I do….I use a proper eye make up remover, and the one I am using currently is Garnier Simply Essentials 2in1 make up remover. I take a cotton wool pad and pour out the product on to it and hold it over my eye for 1-2 minutes. When I lift the pad off I can see the shape of my eyelashes on the pad where the make up remover has melted away mascara. Then gently wipe the cotton wool  from inner to outer corner of the eye. Then turn the pad over and wipe again, but this time from outer to inner corner of my eye. This should have removed all traces of eye shadow and mascara. If not, then just repeat the process again. Repeat the same on your other eye.

After all eye make up is removed I continue on to my Cleansing and Moisturizing routine.


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