A Cleansing Thought

I believe in thoroughly cleansing my skin, even if I have not been wearing any make up during the day. If I have worn make up, I always use an eye makeup remover to cleanse my eyes. I NEVER use baby wipes to take off eye make up. While these are gentle for our children and Grandchildren’s skin, they just do not contain the right ingredients to remove mascara properly. They also in my opinion don’t clean the skin deep down into the pores to remove the last traces of foundation.

I have watched many beauty video’s on You Tube made by normal every day ladies how they clean their make up off. I am watching in horror as they are rubbing hard at their eyes to remove their eye make up and mascara. I find myself shouting into the computer screen, “What are you doing to your pretty eyes?”

I always use Garnier Simply essentials soothing 2 in 1 makeup remover as its gives the best results.

I will review this product in my next post,



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