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Hello lovelies, Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

 This is Flower and Spice, its a very new brand to me, it was created by Karmen Novak in the Netherlands, but the products are made in Switzerland where they produce the highest quality skincare in the world. All ingredients are 100%  natural and organic, no testing on animals and all Flower and Spice products are free from Parabens, Aluminium, Microbeads, SLS, Synthetic Silicons, no artificial colours or fragrance, and all products are dermatologically tested too. Today I’m sharing with you the Midnight Beauty Rich  Revitalising Serum.

I have been using the Midnight Beauty Rich Revitalising Serum with Rose and Coriander for just 3 weeks, and I felt that I could now tell you my thoughts. Containing no less than 10 oils, the serum does feel more like an oil in texture rather than a serum, it’s very rich. I have to be really honest here, I do not like the fragrance, I think it could be the Coriander, which I also do not like to eat, but for a really gorgeous skincare product I can get over that because I can actually only smell it while I’m massaging it onto my face then pressing it in. When its on my face doing it’s work I can’t smell it. The packaging for this serum is a lovely dark brown glass bottle with the pump delivery system that I love, it’s rather elegant looking to grace any dressing table/vanity. So, after cleansing at night I applied 2 drops and massaged over my face and then pressed my hands over my skin to ensure all the gorgeous oils of Prickly Pear, Evening Primrose, Jojoba, Argan, Sacha Inchi, Apricot, Plum,  Macadamia, Coriander and Rose were all set to work while I slept, and to help improve the look of fine lines and to regain moisture to my skin, and help me get back some radiance that’s been lost.  The oils of Prickly Pear, Plum seeds, Macadamia, Evening Primrose, Apricot seed and Argan are all in there to help boost collagen. There is Vitamin E in the Sacha Inchi which helps to improve skin elasticity, the Coriander will soothe any inflammation helping the skin to feel more calm.

Usually when I use a serum it would be applied under a moisturiser, be it a day or night cream. But because this is so incredibly rich I felt I didn’t need to use a day cream or a night cream in my routine. The serum sinks in beautifully, doesn’t feel sticky on my skin and I even patted some under my eyes. Over the weeks of using this serum at night, my skin in the mornings looks rather fabulous, even if I do say so myself. My skin is glowing, it’s soft and nourished and feels hydrated. Even where I popped a little under my eyes I expected to be puffy, but no all I get is hydration. This is beautiful, luxurious, natural, organic night-time skincare!

Finally, I’ll just share with you what I thought of the two samples of skincare that I tried. I can’t give you a proper review, just a first impression of the Soothe and Repair Moisturiser and the Instant Glow Exfoliator. The moisturiser is really lovely, once again I had to ignore the fragrance of it, although it’s not as intense as the serum to be honest. For a dry skin, Flower and Spice recommend using the serum underneath, I have dry mature skin and I found on first impression the moisturiser was all I need, it’s a really lovely cream and plenty hydrating enough for me. Now, the Instant Glow Exfoliator does exactly what it says it is! After cleansing I applied the product to my damp skin and massaged over my face and lips for a minute or so, rinsed off with a cloth as I would any exfoliator and dried. This product is gorgeous, I loved using it, it’s fruit acids and bamboo buds exfoliate the skin in a natural way an organic way.  After using it I was blown away with the instant glow it gave to my skin, it looked so fresh and felt very soft.

You will find all these beautiful products HERE.


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Nourish Skincare….The Illuminating Face Shimmer..

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

An illuminating face shimmer that is also skincare? Yes there is such a thing and I’ve put it to the test with the Illuminating Face Shimmer from Nourish Skincare.

A face shimmer that contains golden mineral powders to give the skin a natural luminosity,  and hyaluronic acid for hydration and plumpness, helps give it a much more youthful appearance especially if it’s mature and a bit dehydrated like mine, it also helps with an uneven skin tone and “age spots”

I applied mine after cleansing toning and moisturising on to the top of my cheeks only. I don’t particularly like using a face shimmer all over my face, for me I feel it just makes me look like I have really oily skin, or I’m sweating profusely, so I much prefer using it on certain areas on my face. Saying that, I have added a pumps worth to a matte foundation for a more glowy finish before and then powdered lightly down the centre of my face. This face shimmer is excellent for that purpose and a little goes a long way. I have also put a tiny dot on the centre of my lips after applying lipstick, this can help to give the illusion of more fullness to lips that have thinned with age.

You can apply the face shimmer on the shoulder blades and tops of shoulders to enhance a tan during the Summertime when you are wearing strappy tops, it’s also really pretty applied down the centre of the shins on bare legs too.

The Nourish Skincare Illuminating Face Shimmer is a great all round skin perfector, brings dull tired skin back to it’s lovely self. You can check out this and more beautiful skincare HERE.


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It’s The Spongeclean by Basic Beauty Tools…

Hello there lovelies, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

I have been waiting for this product to launch so patiently and when it came to me and I opened the package I did a silent “Yes”! Regular readers may recall that I reviewed what I called, The Best Foundation Blending Sponge Ever! from Basic Beauty Tools, you can see that review HERE.  Now I’m so happy that they have launched a liquid cleanser for the sponge. This is Spongeclean.

Firstly, I love the packaging, very cute, pink and pretty. It is a plastic bottle which I believe is recyclable, and it’s all made in the UK too! The product inside is a gel like consistency which smells very fresh and clean, I couldn’t recognise the fragrance at first, but now I’m getting the faint smell of Pear.

How I used the spongeclean. Dampen your sponge, then I added about 50p size amount of cleanser to my sponge. You squeeze the product out of the bottle which I did find difficult, I do suffer with arthritis in my wrists and fingers and the bottle was hard to squeeze, but I got there. I agitated the cleanser into the sponge, adding more warm water to really get up some lather. It was so satisfying seeing all the lather turn foundation colour, and it really did dissolve and deep clean the makeup from my sponge. I rinsed it out in warm water then in cold water, the cleanser rinses out so well. I squeezed excess water out using a clean towel and popped it to dry on my Spongedry holder. When the sponge was completely dried it was so soft and  smelled all fresh and clean, so much better than the solid cleanser I had been using. Regular use of the Spongeclean will keep your sponge all clean and fresh and conditioned!

Basic Beauty Tools have given me a discount code to pass on for 20% off all their products. Apply SPONGECLEAN20 on the website until end of October 2018 HERE.

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Cool Down with Snake Brand Original Cooling Powder..

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

The weather here in the UK has been pretty stunning over the last few months, but the heat really has been unbearable for me to be honest. Luckily I’ve been able to cool down a bit with some lovely cooling powder from Snake Brand.

Snake Brand Cooling Powder is manufactured in Thailand by The British Dispensary Co Ltd. The company trades under this lovely snake and arrow trademark, the image of the snake represents illness and sickness while the arrow represents the cure. The Snake Brand Cooling Powder has been around helping people to cool down and giving relief from awful prickly heat since 1947. You can read about Prickly Heat HERE. It’s now in 16 countries and is being introduced into Europe, thank goodness! It’s recently been launched in over 200 pharmacies across the UK, and also become a best seller on Amazon UK too. The product has been registered with the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) and it complies with all the EU safety regulations.

Main ingredients in the cooling powder are Camphor and Menthol oils. Menthol being there for the cooling down of the skin. The powder itself is so fine and lightweight it doesn’t enter into the skin to block the pores, it stays on the skin to give a protective layer, and surprisingly didn’t transfer to my clothes.

As a plus sized lady in the heat of Summer, I have had the problem of the under the boobs sweat! TMI? Maybe. But I have to say that this wonderful cooling powder has helped me greatly. After drying myself off from my morning bath, I applied the powder to ONLY the underneath of each breast and smoothed it out. The Menthol and Camphor fragrance really hits you in the nose, and then you feel the lovely cooling sensation from the powder, I found that during the day I felt a lot drier in that area. I don’t suffer from Prickly Heat as such, but when my feet and ankles swell due to the heat, they do itch me like crazy. So I applied the Snake Brand Cooling Powder all over my feet and ankles, after a few moments they are soothed and cool. This is one awesome body powder that can be used as often as is needed during the day. Always give your hands a rinse after applying the cooling powder.

You can find Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Powder HERE.


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A Tint for the Lips and Cheeks..B. Makeup

I do love a product that’s multi tasking, you know using a lipstick for cheeks as well as lips? Well look what I’ve got, it’s a product that you can use on the lips AND the cheeks! *rolls eyes* Today I thought that I would share with you what I think of the Lip and Cheek Tint from B. Makeup.

Okay so of the 6 shades available I have 3, from the left is Crimson Caress, Frivolous and Just a Kiss. The B. Makeup Lip and Cheek Tint is the perfect must have for my makeup bag, it gives the prettiest pop of colour to lips and cheeks when you don’t want to go for a full on makeup. Although it’s buildable to be more intense if you need it to be. It does have a lightweight creamy texture and it blends so easily too. The colour payoff is lovely, quite subtle, my favourite shade is the first one in the photo, Crimson Caress it’s the one that I’ve reached for more than the other two. I apply it to my cheeks with my fingers in a patting motion, which is my preferred method for all cream blush, it’s non oily and once it’s on the skin it gives me a dewy look to my cheeks. To keep it looking dewy I don’t apply any finishing powder, but it lasts on me all day.

Using the same shade on my lips, it’s just as lovely. It doesn’t feel sticky or tacky, I have used it with my finger to apply for a pretty “your lips but better” pop of subtle tint. It doesn’t give my lips much of a shine, but it’s certainly not drying either. To add more of an intense colour boost I applied the tint using my lip brush, and it looks amazing. The B. Makeup Lip and Cheek Tint is perfect for Summer time makeup, but I think I shall be using it well into the cooler Autumn days too. If you want to check them out for yourself you will find them HERE.