Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick by Cassie Lomas for B. Makeup…..

Hey there lovelies, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

This is another gorgeous makeup product from B. Makeup at Superdrug. It’s one from a range of products by  Cassie Lomas. Cassie is a makeup artist and brand ambassador for B. Makeup, she also owns the Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy. I’ll leave her details/links at the end of this post.

So, one of Cassie’s products I’m sharing is the Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick.

The shade is called The Nineties. It’s a bright orange – red lipstick perfect for Summer, and the colour actually does suit me, I don’t often do a red lip but when I used this for the first time the other day, I quite liked the colour on me. I’m not a matte lip kind of woman I think I’ve mentioned that before, I feel they can be more ageing on me at times, making my lips look dry and cracked. But this is B. Makeup and it’s really very nice. It’s a doe foot sponge applicator which apply product perfect onto the lips. Now, I applied the product to my bottom lip first and smoothed my lips together to distribute onto top lip. Oh my goodness it was so smooth and not at all sticky, BUT the liquid lipstick was on about 4 of my teeth! I had to remove it with a dry cotton bud, and it took about 5 to 7 minutes to dry completely! I wore the liquid lips all day, it lasted me until I took it off at night. It didn’t crack on my lips at all, or make my lips feel dry. As with other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried I did have to remove it with an oil cleanser.

Okay, I firmly believe that the liquid lipstick had become too warm from the extreme temperatures we are having in the UK at the moment, I think that it melted (if a liquid lipstick can melt?) onto my teeth and then took all that time to dry down because of the heat. I used it today, it’s not hot and it has applied just lovely. I think in future I shall pop this liquid lipstick into the fridge for a few minutes before applying, during any other heatwave we may have. 

In essence the Cassie Lomas for  B. Makeup Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick is lovely, pigment is amazing and yes it does dry down matte after a short while. Sometimes I just like to put a tiny amount on my finger and apply it over the top of a clear lip balm for a more subtle natural look. You can shop HERE.

And you can see more by Cassie Lomas HERE.


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‘Tis The Season For Weddings… Gorgeous Summer Makeup With B.

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa..

Be a blushing bride this Summer with a beautiful and natural makeup, the trend that Meghan Markle chose to wear for her wedding to Prince Harry just a few weeks ago. I think we all tend to go for much less makeup during the heat of Summer, even if we aren’t a bride or going to a wedding. Summer is the time to let the skin glow, keeping the base really light without too much heavy contouring, or even just no contour at all. That’s just my opinion, I rarely contour to be honest with you.

I do love my skin to look radiant though, and with the help of these pretties from B. Makeup which are available on the High Street at Superdrug, or online at Superdrug, it’s easy to glow! The first such product to help give a pretty luminosity to the skin would be a lightweight silk foundation and I have used the B. Makeup Flawless Silk Foundation I have a review HERE. Next I would add a bit of a highlighter, I like one that will give me pretty glow but without being shiny and glittery. The ideal one for me is the Radiance Powder.

I love this one, it’s actually multi – purpose  with the 5 different shades within that can be used separately to blush and highlight or even use them as eyeshadows! I did however just use my brush through all of the colours and applied it to top of the cheekbones. It really does give me a pretty glow when the light catches. It’s lightweight and you can build it up to get an even brighter glow. The shade I have is Peachy, it’s a more natural finish for me, it also comes in a more bronze shade, Bronzed too. Find the one you prefer HERE.

Next a pretty flush of colour on the cheeks and B. Makeup powder blushers are gorgeous for just that. This shade is “I Like To Mauve It” and it’s quite a delicate shade perfect for Summer. This blusher is so soft and delicate it does literally glide onto the skin without any effort, it blends out beautifully and it can be built up to the intensity you like, and you don’t need a lot of product on your brush either, a little goes a long way. I have already reviewed the blusher if you would like to see that, HERE.  Find a blusher in your shade  HERE.

Lips during the Summer can look dry and cracked due to dehydration, so drink that water and pamper the lips with a lip scrub and use a lip balm or lip oil to keep them soft. If you are attending a wedding, or are the leading lady, you will need your lip colour to last. The B. Makeup Lip Liner is perfect for that, it’s matte and it’s non drying. Use it to outline the lips before applying your lipstick, I tend to slightly over draw my lips to give them a fuller appearance. (One of these days I will say sod it and put my makeup photos on my blog!) Using the lip liner, as an older lady my lipstick doesn’t bleed into any lines. I always smudge my lip liner with a lip brush to give a softer edge, the B. Makeup Lip Liner does blend nicely. This shade is called “Rosy” and there are 6 shades to choose from. Find your shade HERE.

The B. Makeup Velvet Matte Lipstick in the shade “Frow” is a gorgeous “your lips but better shade”. I wasn’t a big fan of matte lipsticks but this is a different matte lipstick from others that I’ve used. This contains Shea Butter and rather than being drying on the lips it’s hydrating instead. It does glide on the lips beautifully and the pigment is amazing. Once it’s on the lips rather than looking totally matte it does seem to have a creamy looking sheen to it, and it doesn’t appear to make my thinning lips look any thinner either. It’s also really comfortable to wear, it doesn’t feel as though it’s “cracking” on my lips, some matte lipsticks just feel that way on me. One thing I do like about matte lipstick is the longevity of wear, and this lasts all day. It leaves a really pretty stain on my lips like I had been eating red berries, and I found it’s best removed with an oil based makeup remover. I think that this really is the perfect lipstick for a Summer makeup/wedding, it would probably last all day, maybe not melt off in the heat of a sunny day! You can find the one for you HERE.

Add a bit of glorious sheen to the corners of the inner eye, add a touch of glimmer to the top lip on the cupids bow to add pout, you can even pop some to the middle of your lips to make them look fuller too. The B. Makeup Pigment and this is the shade Steel is so versatile. I have used it on my eyelids, not above the crease as it’s too shimmery for me, it’s lovely to blend for a pretty wash of shimmery colour, either on it’s own or over the top of another colour. Quite simply a multi tasker in your makeup bag, use it anywhere you want to add shimmer. It has a shaker delivery system to simply shake a touch of product into the lid to use. There are 8 gorgeous shades to choose from, so perfect for that Summer glistening. Find the shade you like HERE.

I hope you all have a fabulous Summer!


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Flawless Silk Foundation….B. Makeup..

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

I had been trying to get my hands on this foundation for ages but it had always been out of stock in my local Superdrug. I couldn’t order it online because I needed to check for the correct shade for my skin tone, now thankfully I have it and it was so worth waiting for. This is the Flawless Silk Foundation by B. Makeup. I tried it without using a primer underneath.

This non – oily silk foundation gives a light to medium coverage which is buildable and easy to blend to the coverage you want. It’s so lightweight that I couldn’t feel I was wearing a foundation, but for the pretty glow it gave my skin, to touch my skin feels silky and soft. The Flawless Silk Foundation comes in a tube, but rather than a squeezy delivery system it’s actually a pump-action one, the cap clearly says “Pump me slowly” but before you do give it a good shake first it works better that way!

To give the foundation a good try out I used 3 ways to apply it. My dampened foundation sponge (not a B. Makeup one) a brush (not a B. makeup one) and my fingers. To be honest I’ve never liked using my fingers to apply my foundation, but they are a pretty good tool to apply it with if you want more of a fuller coverage, using fingers for this one you do get a good slip of the product, it didn’t drag on my skin at all, I patted it in over the eye area so as not to pull at the delicate skin, it covered the darkness in the inner corners of my eyes. I much prefer using my two favourite methods though to apply this foundation. I used just one pump with my damp sponge and it covered what I wanted it to cover. I get a bit of redness on my left cheek and my chin, and both areas were covered nicely, using the damp sponge gives a lighter coverage that is perfect for days when I’m just at home but want my skin to look as though I’m more put together. If I need a heavier coverage I use a buffing brush and again this gorgeous product applies like a dream. After I have blended the foundation in I take whats left on the brush over my eyes, carefully. I do tend to sweat on my eyelids so this just helps me get a nice base for eyeshadow. I then apply a light dusting of setting powder down the center of my face and my skin looks flawless! What I did notice about the Flawless Silk Foundation is that it dries quickly on the skin and it doesn’t feel sticky and tacky, I just get smooth soft looking skin with a bit of a glow, which lasts me all day until I take it off.

This and ALL B. makeup and skincare is suitable for Vegans, and the foundation has an SPF 15, it’s available in 12 shades… Check out Superdrug on your High Street or find it HERE.

Love, Teresa


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Ancienne Ambiance Luxury Soap…

Hey lovelies, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

I have not use a bar of soap to wash with for quite a while, the last soap I did use was one by Dove, I loved it for being gentle on my skin and not drying, although I never used it on my face! I have since been lucky enough to try some stunning soap from Ancienne Ambiance, who have a beautiful boutique in Chelsea Green, London. Selling not just luxury bath and body products, but candles and room fragrance, and exclusive Niche Perfume. I have reviewed a candle from Ancienne Ambiance just about Christmas time last, year the review is HERE if you would like to check it out. I’ll leave a link to the boutique website at the end of this post.

The Ancienne Ambiance luxury soaps are just that! They are free from  parabens, and they are full of all the skin kind ingredients including Shea Butter and natural fine quality fragrance. These soaps did not strip my skin. The lather is really creamy and after using one for simple hand washing I found that my hands didn’t feel dry or crepey. I have been using the Lavender fragranced soap for bathing, although I shall bring you more on that soap in another post. The three I have for you today are Damask, Jasminum and Amandula.

Let me tell you about Damask. This is a very Rose fragranced soap although not a heady scent it’s quite subtle.

All bars are 100g in weight and this one being a Rose scented is a pretty pink colour. After I used it for the first time and left it on a soap dish, when I went back into my bathroom I could smell the fragrance later on.

This is my favourite of all the three soap bars I’m sharing with you today, this is Amandula, quite simply Almond milk in it’s most luxurious form.

The Almond milk in this soap bar is great for nourishing the skin as well as smelling amazing! The soap is white with an Almond colour running through the middle. It’s really delightful. Again my skin didn’t feel dry and tight after using.

Now Jasminum, obviously it’s fragranced with uplifting Jasmine, said to be the “Queen of Flowers” As with all these gorgeous soaps it’s packaged in signature packaging with the black and gold branding.  All Ancienne Ambiance packaging can be put into household recycling or taken to your local recycling centre.

This Jasmine fragranced soap is pure white and will compliment any colour scheme of bathroom. This is another soap that when it’s laying down in the bathroom it just scents the room. All of the Ancienne Ambiance soaps are suitable for the face as well as the body. I have used the Lavender one on my face which I will tell you more about in another post, so I hope you will come back for that.  Ancienne Ambiance does not test any products or ingredients on animals and won’t work with suppliers who do, which is a big YAY from me!

If you would like to check out these beautiful soaps and more, you will find them HERE.

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B. Makeup Long Wear Brow Cream…

Hey there welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

Okay, I’m not an eyebrows on fleek kinda woman, I always make sure they are plucked and trimmed, and yes now I’m in the latter stages of my 50’s they can look rather straggly if I don’t keep them in check. I usually just comb through then dab on a bit of pencil or eye shadow to fill in the gaps. I’ve never used a pomade, a cream based eyebrow product before, until now, and I actually really rather like it! This is the B. Makeup Long Wear Brow Cream which is available from Superdrug, of course.


This is in a cute little opaque glass like pot with the B. branding in white. This is going to last me ages even if I’m using it every day. It goes on creamy but it does dry down and doesn’t smudge or rub off at all, it really is long wearing too. I have a few grey to white hairs in my brows nowadays and I really don’t fancy dyeing them, so this brow cream covers the grey up completely. I did make the mistake of using way too much product on my brush when I started using the brow cream and my eyebrows ended up feeling very hard and tacky, not nice at all. But I practised and now as they say, less is more. You can add more if you wish as it’s buildable to the intensity you want, but be aware that you do then get the tackiness if you do go over the top. I find that at the end of the day when I remove my makeup I need my oil cleanser to remove the brow cream thoroughly, that’s the staying power of this brow cream.

The B. Makeup Brow Cream doesn’t come with an application brush so you will need to purchase a slanted eyebrow brush if you don’t have one in your collection, and B. Make up do have some in their range. I have a couple of brushes from another brand but they are long ones and I need to hold my mirror quite close to see what I’m doing, I’m finding the long brush hinders me somewhat, so I need to get myself a shorter brush to use just for my eyebrows! Other than that this is going to be my “Go to” brow product now. For this and other super eyebrow products for take a look HERE.

Thank you for reading today.