Powder Blusher from B. Makeup…..

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I’m sharing a new to my blog makeup brand on EAB this week. It’s a wonderful Superdrug own brand, this is B. Makeup and I have 3 shades of blusher to show you.

The three shades I have are, from top left “Roses are Red” right is “Sweet Dreams” and bottom is “Bittersweet” I found them to be on the matte side which I like, because for me if a blusher is  illuminating and glowy then I think when I add highlighter it can be too much.

These blushers are so soft and delicate they do literally glide onto the skin without any effort, they blend out beautifully and it can be built up to the intensity you like, and you don’t need a lot of product on your brush either, a little goes a long way.

B. Makeup is cruelty free, and suitable for Vegans and vegetarians, available from Superdrug on your High Street and Superdrug online HERE.


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Rose Gold Hair? Yeah!

Hey there lovelies!

I was contacted by the PR company for Knight and Wilson, those wonderful hair care people asking me if I fancied a Metallic Rose Gold hair colour. I ummed and ahhh’d for about 5 minutes and decided that I did need a change to my hair colour, after being blonde for over 50 years of my life! Here’s what turned my hair Rose Gold….

This is from Knight and Wilson’s Colour Freedom, Metallic Glory range of  semi- permanent and permanent hair dyes which are available at Superdrug, either on the High Street or online. It’s a huge range of gorgeous hair colours which actually take care of your hair during the colouring process.

Okay, so with the Rose Gold permanent hair colour that I’ve used, it’s recommended that it’s put onto pre – lightened bleached white hair. Colour Freedom do have a creme bleach in their range, I’ll leave a link at the end of my post. The Metallic Glory range of colours are “deposit only” colours which means they cannot lighten existing hair colour. It’s a unique professional formula which contains Shea Butter and Argan Oil to  protect and nourish also hydrate the hair during colouring.

There are two ways in which to use the hair colour. You can mix the contents in a plastic dish and apply using a brush, or simply mix the colourant tube into the bottle of developer and apply to the hair straight from said bottle. Which is what I did. Or rather what Mark did, yup Mark colours my hair for me every time. It’s so easy to use right from the bottle too. Once the whole of my hair is covered I left it for about 40 minutes then rinsed it off thoroughly until the water ran clear, I then used the sachet of conditioner which smells of apples actually, I left that on my hair for a few minutes before rinsing out, then dried my hair as normal. Because the colourant has the Shea Butter and Argan oil in it my hair dried so soft and silky, and it had an actual shine to it too. The Rose Gold colour is amazing, on me. I was born a blondie with green eyes, and as I got older my hair did become a darker blonde. When my hair started to go grey I just simply used blonde hair colours and had blonde highlights. All these years I’ve been wrong, blonde is too cool for me I have a warmer skin tone  and the Rose Gold is perfect for me. I actually love it!

These two photos don’t actually show the full vibrancy of the Rose Gold, in real life it’s much more pink/gold. My hairdresser mentioned to me while she was cutting it last Saturday that there are many shades of pink and gold in my hair she actually asked me if I had a Rose Gold colour on it. She’s a new hairdresser, never met me before! I think that this Metallic Glory Rose Gold hair colour by Knight and Wilson is a big YES from me, and I will be using again. You never know with so many beautiful colours to choose from I might end up with something completely different!

Right now at Superdrug you can save a 1/3 on selected Colour Freedom HERE.

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Nourish Skin Range….Radiance Firming Facial Oil..

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This facial oil is perfection! That’s a pretty big statement from me seeing as how my favourite facial oil has for a long time been the facial oil from that “celestial sounding” brand. I actually do really LOVE this oil, and it does exactly what it says on the bottle! I’ve been using the oil for 3 months and I love the results I’ve got from it…..This is the Radiance Firming Facial Oil from Nourish Skincare.

So luxurious, it’s a beautiful blend of omega rich Macadamia and Pumpkin oils with a blend of Rosehip and Borage oil in there too, the fragrance is from the blend of Geranium and Damask Rose oils, and is glorious by the way! This facial oil is certified Vegan and cruelty free and it’s made in the United Kingdom, so this oil certainly ticks all the boxes for me for sure!

I used the Radiance Illuminating Facial Oil every night after cleansing. I apply a few drops from the  pipette dispenser to my hand and warm it a little, I then massage into my skin for 2 minutes, I take it under my eyes if the area feels a little drier than usual  and then apply my eye cream, and I always take it over my lips too. I leave the oil to sink into my skin for a few moments then add whichever night cream I’m using at the time to finish off my night-time routine. The next morning my skin looks smooth and glowing, the area around my mouth and jowls does look more firm and less saggy. I appear to look much more awake too, my skin is more alive and brighter looking when I look into the mirror and is certainly less grey looking. If I want a more intense overnight treatment, I will apply a whole pipette full of the oil to my skin then apply any overnight cream mask I have also, this gives me a wonderful hydrating and brightening treat.

You can see this gorgeous facial oil and more too if you go HERE.

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Hollyberry Cosmetics…..Organic Argan and Coconut Oil for Hair, Skin and Nails..

Hello lovelies welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa..

This incredible oil is a genuine multi tasker! Hollyberry Cosmetics sent me their gorgeous Organic Argan and Coconut Oil to try and then review here on EAB.

Oh how I love me an oil! I love me an oil that’s multi tasking like this one. Firstly this Coconut and Argan Oil is organic, exactly like it says on the bottle, and it smells amazing, if you love the smell of coconut you will love this! If you love a multi tasking oil that is rich, you will love this! This really is all of those things. The 100% organic Argan oil is ethically sourced from Morocco, it’s absolutely amazing for all parts of the body it’s especially good for my dry dehydrated mature skin. I have a huge scar on my shin which gets so dry and flakey and quite itchy, I have found that this Coconut and Argan oil is so soothing and moisturising for that. It’s also so good on my nails and cuticles, I just massage a drop into them and use a wooden orange stick to gently put back the cuticles I then wash my hands apply polish let it dry and then apply more oil to my nails to keep them soft and moisturised. Hair? I just applied a dropperfull to my hands then smooth into the ends of my hair after drying, it just smooths the dry fluffy ends between hair cuts, smoothing some oil through wet hair will keep it looking soft and smooth and free of flyaways.

I’m getting my feet flip flop and sandals ready with the Coconut and Argan Oil. After using my micro-pedi to remove any hard skin from my feet I massaged the oil into them and into my toe nails, paying particular attention to the tops of my feet with a bit of extra oil, I then wear socks to let the oil sink right in, if it wasn’t for over-heating at night time I would wear the socks to bed, so I just stick to treating my feet during the day and still get amazing soft feet with this fantastic oil. Love, Love, Love! You can check out this and other lovely products from Hollyberry Cosmetics HERE.

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Billion Dollar Brows…..Brow Duo Pencil..

Hello loves, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

I’m not a huge keeper of eyebrows, for me they aren’t the main emphasis to my makeup. I pluck to keep them groomed and add a bit of colour to wake my face up a tad, and that’s it. I have however been using this product that I’m sharing with you quite a bit just lately, especially if I leave the house. This is Billion Dollar Brows Brow Duo Pencil.

It’s a highlighter (the lightest colour) on one end of the pencil, it’s a concealer to the other end. I’ve used the highlighter end under my eyebrows, Glide the highlighter end of the pencil over the brow bone,  under your eyebrow, then blend into the skin to define your eyebrows, you can also use on the cupids bow to give lips the more plumped up look, for me it works better than a shimmery highlighter as it’s a lot less intense and more natural for someone of my age. The universal concealer end is actually a great colour match, and it’s great for spot coverage, and covering darker areas on my eyes. For me it’s not creamy enough to use under the eyes, I do need a more hydrating concealer there. The Billion Dollar Brows Brow Duo Pencil is a fab addition to my makeup bag. Find it HERE.

See you next time, I’ve got a couple of gorgeous facial oils coming up on my blog soon.