Robin the Blob Bird! Helen Russell Creations…

Welcome lovelies, and I have a non beauty related post for you. In 2018 I’m going to be shaking Elegant Ageless Beauty about a bit, I’m hoping to be featuring a bit of Lifestyle, maybe a bit of Fashion too on the blog. Never fear it will still be predominately a Beauty Blog, but with a few added extras. I’ll explain to you in the New Year why I’ve decided to do this, in the meantime allow me to kick things off right now by introducing you to a Blob Bird!

The Blob Birds and other critters are the brainchild(ren) of artist Helen Russell Creations. This is what Helen says “Welcome to my world, where characters like the Blob Birds, Puffins and Little Bean Farm critters are waiting to meet you. Too many welly-wearing hours, spent reading books with beautiful illustrations, have created a playful, happy land that welcomes visitors old and new. Come and join me and my creatures round the campfire as we share stories and happy memories through homeware, surface pattern and sculpture. Imagination is the only luggage you need” 

I discovered Helen’s gorgeous creations simply by “liking” and commenting how gorgeous  a photo of one of the Robin Blob Bird mugs was on Twitter. The next thing I know I was contacted by the PR company asking me if I would like one of the Helen Russell Creations mugs, of course I said “Yes please” and Helen Russell herself very kindly sent me one of her beautiful mugs. I have the “Hello, fancy a brew” mug which holds half a pint of hot steaming coffee! ( or whatever your favourite beverage is of course) It’s made of bone china with screen printed ceramic decal of my lovely little robin blob bird. I love him! He’s dishwasher friendly too. I think he would make the perfect gift for anyone, bird lovers, those bird lovers who have a penchant for the Robin, anyone who loves the quirky and different. I’ve really taken to my little Blob Bird friend and he’s now going to be my favourite Christmas mug. Imagine him filled with hot chocolate and marshmallows, oh yes please!

The Helen Russell Creations website is beautiful. It’s full of amazing things for the home. Textiles, Tableware, Greetings cards. There’s stationary and illustrations and sculpture, and all so reasonably priced too. Everything would make ideal gifts for any occasion, or simply treat yourself. You can find Helen Russell Creations HERE.

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B. Strong… Skincare for 60 plus

Hey lovelies, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty…

I’m not really one for using products that state they are specifically for my age I’m 57 now, I use product that I like and for my skin concerns if it’s skincare. So when I was sent a day cream and a night cream which are for those who are 60 and beyond, I thought do what?! But when I saw that it was from the B. Skincare brand at Superdrug I decided to give it a go, because I just love the B. Skincare range. Let me start with the Day Cream.

This range of B. Skincare is called B. Strong. To target 60 plus skin that has become thin and dehydrated, skin that has lost density through the ageing process. It’s said to re-cushion the skin, add plumpness back into the skin.

When I first opened the pretty glass jar the fragrance of the cream within brought back memories to me, I just thought that it smelled similar to a cold cream that my Mum used to use many years ago, and a lovely fresh smell it is too I like it a lot! I used the day cream after cleansing first thing in the morning, I have found it really rich but there is no stickiness left on the skin, it sinks in beautifully. I feel as though my skin “sucks” up more cream on the drier areas of my face which are my cheeks. I also took the day cream down onto my neck, again it just sank into the drier areas. After a time I noticed  how plumped up and more hydrated my skin looked, and on another plus it didn’t make my foundation oxidize like some moisturisers can do. This really is a gorgeous day cream, and I knew it wouldn’t let me down, ‘cos it’s from B. Skincare at Superdrug!

This is the equally gorgeous Night Cream from B. Skincare and the B. Strong range. It’s a different coloured glass jar being pretty turquoise which is fantastic for me, it saves me squinting to find my Night cream when I don’t take my reading glasses into the bathroom at night. The bright-coloured glass makes it easily recognisable, thanks B. Skincare! The Night Cream is much more rich than the Day Cream, and again it doesn’t feel sticky on the skin, it sinks in like a dream. I used this after cleansing at night, and on it’s own I never added a serum or oil like I normally would in my night time routine, I took it right down my neck as well as massaging it into my face. The next morning my skin looked so soft, it was certainly hydrated and there were no dry patches. I haven’t stopped using either of these B. Strong creams, I am really enjoying what they are doing to my skin right now, in fact my skin has never looked better!

You can find all B. Skincare only at Superdrug on the High Street or online, right now there is a Better than half price on selected B. Skincare HERE.

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*This post contains PR sample*

Kiy-oshi Eyelash Enhancer Serum…..The Trial..

Hey hey lovelies, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty.

As I’ve got older my eyelashes have become straight and sparse, one of a couple of things that bugs me re the aging process, the other is thinning of my lips! Thankfully I can do something right now about my eyelashes. I’ve been sent some eyelash enhancer serum to try from Kiy-oshi.

Okay so today is the 20th of November and I started using my eyelash serum 3 weeks ago but had to stop using it due to me getting a Stye on my bottom lash line of one eye. I have been feeling a bit run down so I think it was that that caused the Stye not the serum, and I wasn’t using it on my bottom lashes anyway. My eye has cleared up now and I’ve started to use the serum again. I shall use it every night in my night time skincare routine for one month and then come back to let you know if I have longer, darker looking lashes for Christmas, and there will be “before” and “after” photos too. So I hope you will come back then and see how I have got on.

If you would like to check out Kyi-oshi eye serums for lashes and eyebrows you can find them HERE.

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Bringing Joy To The Skin Kit from Heaven Skincare….. Bee Rich Kit

Hello lovelies, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty I’m Teresa..

Today I’m back with some Heaven Skincare to share with you. I have been sent a “Bringing Joy To The Skin Kit” These are gorgeous bags of different colours for different skin types or issues, although ALL the bags are suitable for all skin types too. I was sent the Bee Rich Kit which is ideal for Dry skin.  The bags have been launched just for Christmas and are selling out fast! They will make an ideal gift for skincare lovers of any age.

There are 9 products in the Gold coloured wipe clean bag, and it’s a great sized bag too with a silver zip up top where the pull has the Heaven Skincare logo, the front and back of the bag has Heaven by Deborah Mitchell emblazoned on it. Of the 9 products inside this lovely bag I’ve reviews on all of them bar 2, here’s what you get…

10ml New Edition Cleansing Cream. One of my favourites from Heaven Skincare you can find a review HERE.

 10ml Peppermint Hydrogel. I have reviewed the Chamomile Hydrogel, but I will review this one soon. HERE.

15ml Willowbee Mask & Cleanse. This is a product that I’ve always wanted to try so I’m looking forward to giving it a go.

15ml BeePeel. For a “face lift in a jar” I use mine just once a week and i have a review HERE.

10ml LIA Serum Oil. Another favourite of mine, I use it every night under my nightcream, you can read my review HERE.

 15ml Silver Bee Venom Mask. I was pleased to have a little jar in with kit, I’ve finished my full size and I’ve loved it. You will find a review HERE.

15ml Overnight Success Oxygen Cream. This is actually my favourite nightcream from ANY brand I’ve used, I’ve nearly finished my full size so I’m so happy to get a little one in this kit. I have a review HERE.

45ml Cleanse & Foam Facial Wash. Another product that I’ve not used before, look out for a review at a later time.

 15ml Prism Age Defiance Cream. The newest of Heaven Skincare’s products has found it’s way into the gold bag of joy, and I do have a review HERE.

With 9 different bags to choose from there will be something for everybody. The Bright Pink bag is “Bee Rosy” suitable for all skin types but especially for those people who suffer with redness of the skin. Green is “Bee Free” suitable for oily skin. Dark Blue is “Bee Calm” suitable for all skin types especially those who suffer from Eczema. Then we have the  Purple bag “Bee Spotless” for those who suffer from Acne. Pale Blue is “Bee Healed” for Sensitive skin types. The juicy Orange bag is the “Bee Fresh” kit, for aging skin. Yellow is what Heaven says is for Normal skin types  “Bee Revived”  The Silver bag is “Bee Posh” suitable for all skin types especially those who suffer from  Psoriasis.

I think the Bringing Joy To The Skin bags are rather lovely, with a great choice of products inside no matter which one you go for. You will find them HERE.

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New in Face Masks…. On Trial.

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

There are some gorgeous new face masks coming to Superdrug soon and I’m trialing them to review later on EAB.

There are 6 in all and I’m trialing 3 of them. I have Charcoal, Avocado Oat and Blueberry Jam face masks to try. The other 3 in the range are Coffee, Kale and Coconut which I’m going purchase as soon as they are in store and online at Superdrug and then review them here on my blog. I’m thinking of doing a “Face Mask Friday” series again, if you have been with me a while you will know I did that series with sheet masks.

Thank you for stopping by today, I’m off to try my first mask, I think it will be the Blueberry Jam! Back soon with a review so I hope you will come back for that.


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